Future ( Zero Visibility )

The great ” Zero Visibility Corp. ” has engaged Bram Bosteels / Kaboom Karavan as a composer for their upcoming production “Future”.
FUTURE premieres   1st of  September 2016 in House of Dance / Oslo .

( photo : Yaniv Cohen )

Zero Visibility Corp. is one of the most acclaimed Norwegian contemporary dance companies. It is led by choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. Since the international breakthrough in 2003 Ina Christel Johannesen and her company has thrilled audiences in 18 countries worldwide – from the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Front Centre in Toronto to the Cervantinos Festival in Mexico. Every piece is created in close collaboration with committed partners in Norway and abroad, and the works vary from duets to large scale productions.Inas work is characterized by high energy in the physical movements merged with poetic and often theatrical elements. More info here


Kaboom Karavan supports Flying Horseman :


09/02/2015 : AB ( Brussels )  Sold Out
09 / 12 / 2015 : STUK ( Leuven )
04/12 / 2015  : Het Bos ( Antwerp ) Sold Out
03 / 12 / 2015 : Het Bos ( Antwerp ) Sold Out

Kaboom will play with Kwinten Mordijck ( sax ), Liesbeth Marit ( live electronics ) & Vinz
( voice ) as guest musicians



Made music for ‘Absence’ a performance by Peter Verhelst & Eric Joris,
with Fumiyo Ikeda, Frank Focketyn.

Absence is a dance creation inspired by the tsunami in Japan (2011).
The idea is simple : a woman and a man meet. There is a trauma. They move, they talk. In this performance Eric Joris and Peter Verhelst collaborate on equal terms on the issues of traumas, its problems of interpretation and comprehension and push forward other ways of spinning yarns, or unraveling them.
To visualize the concept of trauma CREW is combining ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR) and ‘3D Motion Capture’ (MoCap) in real-time on stage. Creating a real-world environment with virtual elements, augmented by computer-generated sensory input (like the texture of the objects, the skin of the actors etc.) and real elements (true physical objects, real actors, ect.).

Première Saturday October 17  in Minard, Ghent (BE)

Concept en regie : Eric Joris & Peter Verhelst
Tekst : Peter Verhelst
Performers : Fumiyo Ikeda, Frank Focketyn
Muziek : Bram Bosteels
Technologie : Koen Goossens, CREW / Universiteit Hasselt ( EDM )
EU Consortium Dreamspace
Software Development : Steven Maesen
Kostuumontwerp : An De Mol
Photos : Kurt Van der Elst

Flor De Mil Colores

Made the soundtrack for a beautiful short documentary film by Karen Vazquez.
“Flor de Mil Colores” premiered in Sphinx Cinema  Ghent (B), won the “Best Belgian Student Short” prize at Film Fest Gent and is selected for Sundance Film Festival

Flor de Mil Colores is an intimistic portrait of Emiliana, a mother struggling to survive in a remote Bolivian mining camp 4896 meters above sea level. Life in Mina Argentina revolves around the exploitation of tin. Those who find ore, eat; those who don’t, don’t eat. The landscape, however, is like a magical painting, with the grey of the mountains running into the blue sky, while the miners march towards the darkness below and watch the drifting clouds. The film portrays a mother’s everyday struggle with her inhospitable dark surroundings to provide for her children.

Bio / Credits

Director: Karen Vázquez
Screenwriter: Karen Vázquez and Bart Goossens
Camera: Karen Vázquez
Editor: Karen Vázquez
Editor Supervisor: David Verdurme
Production : Karen Vázquez and Bart Goossens
Sound : Bart Goossens
Sound Editor : Matthias Hillegeer
Sound Mixing : Matthias Hillegeer
Composer : Bram Bosteels
Grading: Bart Verraest