Flor De Mil Colores

Made the soundtrack for a beautiful short documentary film by Karen Vazquez.
“Flor de Mil Colores” premieres in Sphinx Cinema  Ghent (B) 23th of july .

Flor de Mil Colores is an intimistic portrait of Emiliana, a mother struggling to survive in a remote Bolivian mining camp 4896 meters above sea level. Life in Mina Argentina revolves around the exploitation of tin. Those who find ore, eat; those who don’t, don’t eat. The landscape, however, is like a magical painting, with the grey of the mountains running into the blue sky, while the miners march towards the darkness below and watch the drifting clouds. The film portrays a mother’s everyday struggle with her inhospitable dark surroundings to provide for her children.

Bio / Credits

Director: Karen Vázquez
Screenwriter: Karen Vázquez and Bart Goossens
Camera: Karen Vázquez
Editor: Karen Vázquez
Editor Supervisor: David Verdurme
Production : Karen Vázquez and Bart Goossens
Sound : Bart Goossens
Sound Editor : Matthias Hillegeer
Sound Mixing : Matthias Hillegeer
Composer : Bram Bosteels
Grading: Bart Verraest

Kleine Rode Eva

I made two different soundtracks ( through separate headphonelines for adults and children ) for one same performance by Stef De Paepe / De Maan.
” Kleine Rode Eva “ is an odd mix of multimedia / puppettheatre / installation / radioplay and handles the dissapearance of a girl.
The adult story is based on ” Kleine Eva uit de Kromme Bijlstraat ” from LP Boon, while the children’s version is loosely inspired by ” Roodkapje “.

30/10  ( 15u / 19u )  31/10  ( 15u / 19u )  1/11  ( 14u /16u )  27/12 ( 14u / 16u )
KOOR CC MECHELEN, Minderbroedersgang 5, 2800 Mechelen
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kre_5xcombi_r( Photos : Diego Franssens )

Concept, regie en tekst kinderen : Stef De Paepe
Tekst volwassenen :  Louis Paul Boon
Spel :  Benjamin Op de Beeck, Femke Stallaert en Celine Verbeeck
Soundscape, muziek en montage stemmen : Bram Bosteels
Figuren en maquettes : Paul Contryn
Animatie, video en maquettes :  Laura Vandewynckel en Marijke Van den Acker (stage) Stemmen ingesproken door : Gène Bervoets, Bram Bosteels, Anna De Graeve, Roos De Graeve, Stef De Paepe, Reinhilde Decleir, David Dermez, Tania Van der Sanden, Dirk Van Dyck, Gitte Van Hoyweghen, Katelijne Verbeke
Scenografie : Paul Contryn, Stef De Paepe en Stéphane Vloebergh
Techniek Dominique Defossez en Stéphane Vloebergh
Stemopnames Studio Sakuran    Met dank aan de Warande


I found some old party footage in the archives of my own family.
27 years later it turned out to be a great video for the Kaboom Karavan track ‘Lovzar’, from the album ” Hokus Fokus ” ( Miasmah Records 2013 )