Kaboom Karavan will team up with Kreng ( Pepijn Caudron ) for a special
 live-set with the legendary EMS Synthi 100. 'Synthesis' is organised 
by Icarus FM, Tumult Fm and IPEM and will take place wednesday 19th of 
March at Gravensteen Ghent ( B) , also Mauro Pawlowski, Köhn, Floris 
Vanhoof a.o will play battleship there !



Cutting Edge

Very nice **** review of 'Hokus Fokus' on Cutting Edge. Review is in 
Dutch, but here some short quotes in English :
hokusfokus_cover" Kaboom Karavan must be Belgium's best 
kept secret. The music is very inventive, 
detailed and layered and has something 
timeless. Something very narrative as
 well. Your imagination is constantly 
stimulated. We would dare to call his 
songs musical tableaux vivants... 
It's by blending unusual influences, 
and by perfectly placing and timing each 
sound,that Kaboom Karavan shows himself 
a true master. We think Kaboom Karavan 
is one of the most intriguing and 
challenging Belgian projects of the last 
years. " 

Well thanks Cutting Edge and Christophe Vanallemeersch !
Read full review here.


Best of 2013 lists

Great to see both 'Hokus Fokus' & 'Short Walk With Olaf' in so many 
'Best Of 2013' lists ! Thanks so much everyone for caring !

:: Hokus Fokus :: 

 - Headphone Commute 
 - Gonzo Circus
 - Brainwashed
 - Studio Brussel
 - Kwadratuur
 - Radio Scorpio
 - Sonic Pieces / Boomkat
 - Spotlight On
 - Optic Echo
 - A Closer Listen
 - Bubzine
 - IglooMag - Dive Into Sun
 - Déscendre à la Cave
 - Include Me Out
 - Sardine
 - Cyclic Defrost
 - Flau Music

:: Short Walk With Olaf :: 

 - Simon Scott / 12k
 - Tarumatu
 - White Leaves Music

15 Shades Of White

The Kaboom Karavan track " Ge Moet Klaar Zien" is featured on the 
CD compilation " 15 Shades Of White " ( Dronarivm 2013 ).

 Here's the list of artists involved : Anne Chris Bakker, Talvihorros, 
Kreng, Ben Lukas Boysen, Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg, Sophie Hutchings
 & Peter Hollo, Jacaszek (Pleq remix), Marsen Jules, Ian Hawgood & 
The Green Kingdom, Orla Wren, Kaboom Karavan, Marcus Fjellström, Strië, 
The Frozen Vaults, Olan Mill.  More info here